Wholesale & Special Projects


We are happy to supply retailers and other outlets with replicas at wholesale prices. By selling replicas you can give people the chance to own examples of prehistoric life at an affordable price. For museum shops, replicas offer a way of selling items that help fulfill an educational remit, as well as being ethical.  

We have a range of items we know sell well, or we can work with you to create a bespoke range for your outlet, prehaps fossils local to you, or that fit with a new museum exhibition.

To speak to us about prices and ideas please get in touch.

Replica teeth for wholesale order
Ichthysaur skull for exhibition

Special Projects


Our replicas have appeared in museum exhibitions, on TV and film sets and in many unusual locations over the world. If you have specific requirements or need something that you can't see on our website then get in touch, we love a challenge, and if we can't help we will probably know someone who can.

We are now exploring different casting mediums, and looking at 3D scanning and printing options, and are always happy to talk to potential partners in these areas.